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We offer clients a quality bespoke hair system tailored exactly their requirements. There is also the option for non-customised systems without losing that quality. Not quite sure what you’re looking for? Call or email and we will happily explain options and do our best to put your mind at ease in a simple and clear way in an arena that can be overwhelming when first exploring. You will find an honest and genuine explanation of any questions you may have no matter how big or small, whether you are a seasoned wearer or just starting out and looking for information.


I have been in the hair industry for over 35 years and in the hair system side for 18. I found many years ago there was very little in the way of system choices or in fact even much information about it as it seemed a secret club where only movie set people had the knowledge. That and the expense kept it far from the reach of the general public. Nowadays it is far more accessible to everyone.
These issues and sometimes the lack of transparency with clients led me to branch into the field on my own, in the hope of offering a quality product with honesty, integrity and a clear concise explanation of what is involved when taking this journey. I like to make potential clients aware of what their part as well as mine as a supplier in this wonderful enhancement to both their physical and emotional wellbeing.
As a qualified Psychotherapist I am aware of the anxiety that hair loss can cause and the impact it can have, and that sometimes those feeling can spread into other parts of your life. I offer an additional service for those who would like additional support not just exclusive to hair loss but in those areas where coping skills perhaps are not as strong as they could be. i.e work, personal, social etc.


We offer all the services you will need from start to completion.


Customised to your own head contours for that perfect fit.


Whether supplied by us or by another company we are happy to supply a fitting service.

Cutting & colouring

Of both your own hair and the system.


As required removal. Cleaning, and refitting of your system.

Postal Service

We offer a cutting/styling service by post for those who can’t make it in person. This requires quite a few pictures of your head from all angles and an idea of style required. Not as accurate as in person, but still a very effective way of having your system styled.

Counselling service

As an add on there is available a counselling service for those who would like some additional support.

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